Update – September 2021

Our school has been officially shut for most of the past two years. This has made learning and helping students to make progress with their English very difficult. The teachers have worked extremely hard to speak to students and build relationships with all those in their particular class. There have often been restrictions on movement within certain areas in the community, but through persistence, most obstacles have been overcome.

Schools were open from February to May this year but then had to close again when India was very badly affected by the second wave of covid. Students are now able to come back to school daily in small groups. Despite current restrictions, we need to keep them motivated and interested, so they can complete their academic tests for promotion to the next year level. They speak no English at home, so it is essential to be in touch, even if that means chatting over the phone with a poor connection! Parents have deeply appreciated the amount of extra effort being put into maintaining their children’s academic progress by teachers, during this stressful period.

We continue to help feed the families of about ten to twelve of the students each month, providing basic staples such as rice, dahl, sugar, oil, tea and eggs. Most parents have been able to return to work, mainly as day labourers or working in small shops.

RightHope is now screening students for admission in January 2022. Many of them have never had the chance to go to preschool because of the pandemic, so a lot of work needs to be done to help them feel safe, to learn social skills and how to follow rules in a bright, caring atmosphere. We have decided to bring these new students into school immediately, to give them an added chance to get used to being at school and to start to learn English.

We very much look forward to a normal school year in 2022!