Update - December 2022

Hi Everyone!
This has been a very positive year for RightHope as all students could start right at the beginning of the year with a back to normal school routine! 

The teachers have done an amazing job of keeping children motivated and maintaining the curriculum throughout the previous two years. This has resulted in students who are happy to be at school and eager to learn back in the company of their classmates. 

We have been continuing to support around ten families of parents who are still struggling to make ends meet. 

We also pay the fees and other educational expenses for several ex-students who are now studying elsewhere, doing their 10th and 12th board exams or starting their first year at university. One student is already about to finish her degree. One student is doing a science degree which is so encouraging.

Mark and I were able to spend eight weeks back in Nongstoin in October and November and enjoyed meeting up with students and staff again and introducing them to some new resources including some amazing books for our library. It was wonderful to reconnect and enjoy a lot of fun and laughter and good times!

We have said goodbye to eight students who are moving on to high school (Class 6 over here) and welcomed in twelve new students for the coming school year.

Student reports show that an excellent high standard of academic achievement is being upheld while students continue to have so much fun learning and enjoying art, games and sports. We are also connecting with two classes overseas, one in France and one in Kazakhstan. It’s always thrilling to be able to enjoy learning about new countries and different cultures!