Update - May 2022

Hi everyone,

We have been so excited and blessed that this has turned out to be a return to a normal school year!

RightHope has welcomed twelve new students and farewelled seven students from Class 5 who are now starting at various secondary schools.

It was a very chilly start to the new school year, but everyone was so happy to be back. There was a renewed enthusiasm for learning with understanding and a fresh commitment to the school community. One of our long term staff members had to leave regretfully, as her family relocated to another state, but we were fortunate to engage a former staff member for our Class 3 students. Welcome back, Tracefull!

Students have been reengaging in art and sports activities on a regular basis. New colourful artwork is on display throughout the classrooms and in April we ran our third annual cross country event. We never fail to enjoy the athletic skill and determination of all the students as they practised hard, cheered each other on and then competed to the best of their ability in the finals.

This month students have been dancing to raise money for sick kids in Australia. It’s been a great lesson for them to do something to give to other children who are suffering and need financial support.

For the last two years, we have also been concentrating more on the well-being of all students and their families. We fully realise when there is hardship, emotional instability and other painful kinds of childhood trauma, that it is very difficult for children to be able to study and learn properly. To this end, we ensure that families are visited regularly and we keep a database of needs and problems as they arise. Students know they are able to discuss any problems with a member of staff on a confidential basis.

A local well-known college from the state capital Shillong, sent their social work department to visit the school recently to observe how we care for students’ needs in an all-around manner without just concentrating on their academic abilities. They were very impressed by how different the school is and how vibrant and interactive and interested all the students are.

A local child psychologist has discussed behavioural issues with staff members and ways to identify if a student is under any kind of stress. She has also spoken to parents and other family members about parenting and how to take the best care of your child.

We continue to give basic food staples to about twelve families on a regular monthly basis as many families in Nongstoin are struggling because of rising food prices and unemployment.

As we approach our midyear break and the end of our first semester, we are delighted to see students progressing in all areas, including phonics, fluency, reading, freewriting, maths skills, understanding and learning how to analyse and form an opinion.